Do you suffer from pain, whether it be mentally or physically?

At one point in our lives, everyone usually suffers some kind of pain. Be it from a fall, a sprained ankle, from anxiety, etc. It is normal to experience pain throughout our lives from time to time. One thing that many people don’t know how to do but could use some help with, is figuring out the best way to manage their pain.

It’s time to introduce to you the benefits of cannabis topicals. Cannabis topicals are different creams, balms, and rubs that people with some sort of pain use to massage into their skin to relieve muscle, joint, skin, and nerve pain caused by a variety of different conditions.

Is there CBD and/or THC in cannabis topicals?

These cannabis topicals can include any type of ratio of cannabinoids but the majority will include both THC and CBD because if applied to the skin there is no psychoactive high feeling. A great number of people are experimenting with cannabis topicals because they can still consume cannabis but not have a high feeling. However, they are still able to alleviate the pain in one way or another.

Benefits of cannabis topicals

One benefit of cannabis topicals is that no matter how much you consume; you cannot get a high feeling from it. The most important benefit is that every time you apply a cannabis topical, you will be relieving pain. It doesn’t matter if you have acute pain or more of a chronic pain, the topical will help you!


Many people who have arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and any inflammation in their body will rely on using a cannabis topical daily. Once they have experienced the benefits of these products, it’s hard for them to not use them on a daily basis.

Keeps skin looking young

Did you know that cannabis topicals can keep your skin looking youthful?

If you want your skin looking young for many years to come, try investing in a good cannabis topical cream, gel, or solution to help keep your skin moisturized the right way. If you apply cannabis topicals to your skin, not only are they going to provide the upmost moisture, they will help keep your skin from aging.

Cannabis topicals also help fight bacterial skin infections and will provide instant relief. When people use cannabis oil or topicals instead of antibiotics, they do not have to worry about the problem of being resistant to an antibiotic. This is a growing problem and since you are using natural ingredients, you don’t need to worry about anything. You can always try it out on a particular place of your body to be extremely cautious but you shouldn’t have to worry about a thing.

Why are people afraid to try it?

There are a countless number of different perceptions of cannabis products on the market and people don’t want to try them because of the “high factor” they are scared to experience.

We are here to tell you that you will not feel any type of “high” by rubbing in moisture or any type of topical that uses THC and CBD. What you will feel is a sensation of relief and you will want to try a bunch of different ones in order to figure out which kind you like the most.


Sometimes it’s good to take opinions of others into consideration. Nevertheless, remember that everyone experiences different pain. Your friend or mother’s pain might be different from your pain; therefore, it might do more help for one person and not as much for the other. Everyone’s bodies act differently, and no one will know how it will help their body unless they experience it themselves.

The bottom line

If your pain is bad enough, what are you waiting for?

Your doctor can prescribe you to medical topicals if you are worried about buying from somewhere other than your doctor. If you are experiencing any pain in different parts of your body, give it a try. You have nothing to lose and it will not hurt you in any way, shape, or form.

Again, if you are suffering from any type of mental illness, try applying a topical or consuming CBD oil as this product has done wonders for so many people worldwide.


Let us know your thoughts on cannabis topicals and how you have benefited from this product. We wish you the best and hope your pain can be cured from applying a cannabis topical.