Having an upset stomach is something that everyone experiences from time to time. It can be uncomfortable, painful, and even embarrassing. But some patients may experience chronic and severe nausea that may negatively affect their quality of life.

No matter the cause of your chronic nausea, dealing with other symptoms you may be experiencing can be difficult. And that’s where medical marijuana comes in. Research has proven that medical marijuana can help treat severe nausea.

In fact, research found that it can work even better than other nausea prescriptions.
Chronic nausea can be treated by medical cannabis

Are there Studies & Research on Treatment of Severe Nausea Using Medical Marijuana?

Yes. Multiple studies and research have been done in this regard proving the medical marijuana can treat severe nausea.

The effects of cannabinoids on treatment of nausea has been studied for decades. According to a study conducted in 1975 by Zinberg, Sallan and Frei, all patients they used certain types of THC on found relief from nausea.

And more recently, Stott, Duncan, Rock and Parker concluded that a certain CBD type also contains some antiemetic potential.

What does the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) say about use of Medical Marijuana for Treatment of Severe Nausea?

The DEA is the government body charged with the responsibility of controlling narcotic use in the U.S. One of these drugs is cannabis.

Even the DEA isn’t oblivious to the fact that marijuana plays an important role in the treatment of various medical conditions. For instance, the DEA doesn’t interfere with the use of Marinol for nausea treatment for patients with prescriptions. Marinol contains a psychoactive component – a synthetic THC – that is effective for nausea treatment.

What does the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) say about Use of Marijuana for Nausea Treatment?

The FDA, interestingly, in their statements over the past 6 years have claimed not to have found any medical use for marijuana. What makes all this interesting is the fact that the same government body has approved synthetic marijuana for treatment of various medical conditions. Including, in the treatment of nausea and vomiting.

Marinol – the psychoactive component in Marijuana – was approved by the FDA in 1985! That means medical marijuana has been in use for more than 30 years. And yet, a lot of political backtracking still exists even today.
Medical cannabis can help treat severe nausea
With such a longstanding history, medical marijuana clearly has medical use for treatment of severe nausea.

What are Some Common Symptoms Associated with Severe Nausea?

Nausea often comes with a myriad of other symptoms. And rather than take all sorts of different pills, you could use medical marijuana. Versatility is the greatest strength that lies with marijuana.

The following are some of the common symptoms associated with nausea that marijuana can help alleviate.

  • Fatigue. Some strains found in Marijuana can help alleviate the feeling of tiredness. If you have a condition that constantly makes you tired in addition to causing an upsetting stomach, using cannabis can help treat it.
  • Anxiety Disorders. Do you have an anxiety disorder that when it flares up makes you feel nauseous? Is so, using a proper marijuana strain can help you calm down during flare ups.
  • Reduced Appetite. The constant urge to vomit usually means eating is the last thing on your mind. That being said, you must eat when sick. Medical marijuana can help improve your appetite.
  • Chronic Pain. Research after research has found medical marijuana to be an effective treatment for pain. It can help ease certain types of chronic pain, including inflammation and nerve damage.

What Strains of Marijuana are best for Severe Nausea?

The use of marijuana for medical purposes is something a bit complicated. There are literally thousands of cannabis strains that come from two families – indica and sativa. Indica helps calm someone down and induces sleeping, and sativa helps in boosting someone’s level of energy and mood.

Cultivators of Marijuana also crossbreed different strains to make hybrid strains, each with their own unique combinations of look, taste, and effect. Experts suggest that there are over 700 strains of cannabis.

Rather than use any strain of cannabis to treat yourself, seek help from a medical doctor. A doctor will help give you more information in regards to the proper type, or strain to use depending on the symptoms you have.

The following are the most popular strains of marijuana that are commonly used for treatment of severe nausea.

  • Death Star. This strain is used for its stress and nausea relieving properties. It is an indica strain.
  • Cheese. Doctors often prescribe it for its relaxing and mood-boosting properties. It is also used in the treatment of nausea.
  • Chernobyl. This a blend of indica and sativa. Patients suffering from chronic nausea report few symptoms after using it.
  • Super Sour Diesel. Besides reducing nausea, Super Sour Diesel helps in pain relief and mood boosting.
  • Chocolope. This is a sativa strain. As such, it can help relieve stress and depression. Further research has also found that it can serve as an antiemetic.
  • Sunset Sherbet. This is an indica-leaning hybrid strain. It produces a relaxing, hazy high feeling.
  • White Fire OG. The strain, also referred to as WiFi OG, contains more sativa than indica. It treats nausea and improves appetite.

With that in mind, the only person that can make the right call on what marijuana strain to use is your doctor. If you’re suffering from chronic nausea, get help from a medical professional.
Your doctor may prescribe you a specific strain

What are some Common Side Effects of Medical Cannabis when used in the Treatment of Severe Nausea?

You are sure to experience some side effects when using marijuana for medical treatment. However, the ensuing side effects are often less discomforting when compared to traditional medicine.

The following are some common side effects to expect.

  • Insomnia
  • Short-term memory loss
  • Thirst or dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Respiratory issues
  • Red eyes
  • Hunger
  • Anxiety
  • Giddiness

If in doubt, your doctor can help adjust your prescription or change the strain you’re using. You also don’t have to worry if the treatment plan doesn’t start working right away.

In conclusion, medical marijuana can help in the treatment of severe nausea. So, don’t let a constant discomfort interfere with the quality of your life. The team of experts at Malie Cannabis Clinic can help give you the relief you desperately need.