About Us

Our Company

The Malie Cannabis Clinic was established in 2016 and is the first Nurse Practitioner lead cannabis clinic in the state of Hawaii. We provide medical marijuana evaluations, education, and electronic approval for the Department of Health 329 medical marijuana cards.

Our Vision

Provide safe, respectful, care for patients seeking cannabis as medicine.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide advocacy, education, and opportunity for nurses in the cannabis industry, and to provide patient care in a way that makes our patients feel safe, respected, valued and cared for.

Me Fuimaono- PoeMe Fuimaono- Poe, FNP- BC

Me (May) is a Family Nurse Practitioner in Honolulu, Hawaii she is board-certified by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners, and licensed by the state of Hawaii to provide family-centered healthcare to patients of all ages. Her scope of practice encompasses health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis and management of common and complex health care problems beginning in infancy and continuing throughout the aging process.

Me began her career in health care in 2000 as a CNA and received her degree in nursing in 2003. In 2013, Me received her Master’s in Science and Nursing from Hawaii Pacific University. Me also works at a local hospital where she see’s patients and helps to develop policy, protocol, education and research related to delivering care to patients with mental illness in a medical model. Me emphasizes using a trauma informed care approach and the latest in evidence based recommendations. Me is also an active member and Nurse Practitioner Chair for the Behavioral Health Nurse Practice Council.
Me has presented at several local conferences on a variety of topics including Hansen’s disease, Verbal De-escalation, Samoan’s in Health care, Decreasing Sitter Usage, etc. Me is also active in nursing research and is currently working on project aimed at decreasing Compassion Fatigue in Registered Nurses.

In 2016 Me opened the first nurse lead Cannabis Clinic in the state of Hawaii. Although the clinic was the first nurse lead cannabis clinic Me is no stranger to the Cannabis industry. She became interested in the use of Cannabis as medicine in 1997 when she met Dennis Peron at the first cannabis buyers club in San Francisco. Since then Me was a participant in the California Hemp Walk, she helped with events to promote proposition 215 (California’s Medical Marijuana Act), she has been an advocate for patients and currently serves on the Board of American Cannabis Nurses Association.